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2022 Summer Appeal

How would young children experiencing poverty develop without a good school or without adequate resources like teachers, books, uniforms & supplies or without enough nutritious food to even make learning possible?

The most vulnerable children in rural Gashora, Rwanda did not have access to these basic human rights due to the extreme poverty in their community.  However, in early 2021 Journey House Actions Rwanda (JHA), with the help of American & Canadian donors, completed the construction of the Norman & Marlyn Herrle “Journey of Success” Early Childhood Development Center in Gashora.  The Journey of Success Center provides early childhood development & child protection services to 250 of the most vulnerable children in Gashora.  The Center also feeds over 500 malnourished children two nutritious meals per day, which has reduced malnutrition rates by 80% on the children enrolled at the Center.

All that these beautiful children now lack:  the compassion & support of people like you to provide the resources (e.g. desks & chairs, books, uniforms, teachers & supplies) necessary to effectively operate the Journey of Success Center and help these children get off to a good start and a chance to live meaningful lives.  

Without our support, these at-risk children may fall behind & run the risk of never catching up, which may lead them to eventually drop out of school & be vulnerable to a life of drugs, crime and the endless cycle of poverty.  

“The Ben’s” Story

Iradukunda Jean Marie Vianney (The Ben) is one of the youngest children living at JHA.  He and his brother Joshua lived alone in a house because their single mother had abandoned them. They often slept on the streets around Gashora.  The Ben said that sometimes he and his brother would fight at midnight because they had no food.

He is called The Ben because when he was first seen by a JHA staff member, he was dancing to a song written by The Ben (Benjamin Mugisha), a Rwandan singer songwriter.  When Rogers Kimuli, the Executive Director at JHA, heard about their story he went to see where the boys lived, and it wasn’t good news. The Ben now lives with Rogers at JHA.

The Ben and Joshua are now enrolled in the JHA Child Sponsorship Program. These amazing young men are going to school at the Journey of Success Center and are already speaking some English.  The boys are also enrolled in the JHA nutrition program.  Their distended stomachs, because they were malnourished, are already starting to come down.  They are doing much better and getting help at a local nutrition clinic. 

“The Ben lives with us now, specifically in my home at JHA. He is a BIG reason why I love what we do. I look at him and see my own story.”

Rogers Kimuli,
JHA Executive Director

We are asking for an urgent gift to support & help fund the critical & life-changing programs & services offered at the Journey of Success Center. This Center has become a model for effective early childhood education in Rwanda & JHA envisions its model will be replicated across the country.  We know you have it in your heart to support vulnerable children like “The Ben” who deserve the same opportunities to learn & be fed as our own children do.

Please Support Our 2022 Summer Appeal!

We created this Summer Appeal to fund the effective operation of the Norman & Marlyn Herrle “Journey of Success” Early Childhood Development Center.  

The AFJHAR Board of Directors is so passionate about this effort that we will match all donation to this Appeal up to 100%, as needed, to achieve our $30,000 goal.  100% of your donation will go directly to this program!

In these troubled times, wouldn’t you like to make a difference in a young child’s life and make a long-term positive impact?  If so, and if your circumstances permit, please work with us to educate the most vulnerable children in Gashora.

A generous & heartfelt gift of:

  • $25 allows us to purchase one school uniform & a pair of shoes & socks for one child [150 needed]
  • $25 allows us to purchase one desk & one chair [150 needed]
  • $26 allows us to purchase one mattress [100 needed]
  • $50 allows us to feed two students, two nutritious meals per day for 30 days
  • $100 helps us purchase books, balls & other equipment
  • $200 helps pay for one teacher for one month [6 teachers needed, $14,400 total annual cost]
  • $500 helps sponsor one child’s food, education, clothing, school supplies & health insurance costs for one year
  • $600 helps pay for one security guard for 6 months [3 guards needed; $3,600 total annual cost]
  • $900 helps pay for one cook for 6 months [2 cooks needed; $3,600 total annual cost]