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Creating Infinite Possibilities

American Friends of  Journey House Actions Rwanda

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Decades have passed since the 1994 genocide that killed almost 1 million people in 100 days, but the Rwandan people still suffer the impacts today.

  • 38% of Rwandans live in extreme poverty
  • 60% of Rwandan incomes fall below the poverty line
  • 10% of Rwandan children live as orphans
  • 1 out of 4 Rwandan children suffer stunted growth from poor nutrition

American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda strives to bring hope and healing to vulnerable Rwandan communities. We work with a non-profit organization in Rwanda – Journey House Actions – to create infinite possibilities that can change family histories. It’s only through one dream and a united team that we can create healthy, inclusive, self-reliant communities for vulnerable Rwandans.

Our Mission

Support and fund education, women’s empowerment, workforce development, and health improvement programs that help the most vulnerable in rural Rwanda transform their lives and achieve their infinite possibilities.  These programs are designed and led by local leaders, leveraging the assets already present in their communities.

Our Vision

Healthy, inclusive, and economically sustainable communities in rural Rwanda.

The JHA Programs We Support

AFJHAR supports the following Journey House Actions (JHA) programs aimed at creating healthy, happy, inclusive, and economically sustainable communities in rural Rwanda.

Early Childhood Education

Build and operate early childhood education centers that provide learning opportunities, nutritious food, clothing, and good hygiene.

Workforce Development

Provide training for and create meaningful, self-sustaining jobs that reduce poverty and transform lives.

Agriculture & Nutrition

Operate a dairy farm, piggery and agricultural land and provide resources and training to help families grow their own food.

Water & Sanitation Hygiene

Improve hygiene, support clean water practices, and drill wells to reduce water-borne diseases.

Child Protection

Provide shelter, food, clothing, education and protection to children experiencing homelessness, violence and abuse.

Community Building

Invest in people and partnerships that transform lives and help bring about peace, prosperity and stability.

Our Impact

AFJHAR’s financial support helps Journey House Actions transform individual lives and the Gashora community.

Transforming Education

The “Journey of Success” Early Childhood Development Centers serve over 600 pre-kindergarten children. The students are fed at least two nutritious meals each day and receive uniforms, shoes, and access to showers. Over 1,500 children are on the waiting list.

Transforming Sanitation & Hygiene

Journey House Actions’ two clean water wells, solar pumps, and fourteen 10,000-liter storage tanks are the first of their kind in the village. These wells provide clean water to the Journey House Actions students and staff as well as to over 10,000 people in the community. Families no longer need to send their children into the local swamps in search of water.

Transforming Nutrition

The Journey House Actions Dairy Farm includes 30 cows and calves and one bull. The Farm produces over 200 liters of milk each day, which is provided to students, staff, farm workers, guests, and volunteers. Ten percent of the milk is shared with the elderly in the community. The Farm provides jobs and / or leadership opportunities to over 50 people.

Help American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda

Create Infinite Possibilities!

Your donation helps American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda (AFJHAR) spread rays of hope for Rwandans in need. AFJHAR uses financial gifts to fund education, women’s empowerment, workforce development, and health improvement programs. Every donation is a valuable pledge that transforms lives.

100% of designated donations directly support programs in Rwanda!