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Early Childhood Education

The government of Rwanda supports primary and secondary education and strives to enroll all children in school. Attaining this goal is difficult because vulnerable families often cannot afford to:

  • Buy school uniforms, 
  • Pay school fees and school materials, 
  • Access after-school programs, and 
  • Provide transportation to and from school.

Journey House Actions (JHA) steps in to fill these gaps. JHA opens and operates Early Childhood Education Centers that help vulnerable families access government-sponsored education. The organization offers scholarships to the most vulnerable families to cover school uniforms and school and supply fees for their children.

JHA Early Childhood Education Centers:

  • Ready children to attend school,
  • Reduce malnutrition through two nutritious meals a day,   
  • Teach socialization skills at an early age, 
  • Foster a love of learning to keep kids in school,
  • Teach English through songs and games, 
  • Provide educational toys and books, and
  • Offer after-school programs. 

AFJHAR funded the construction, equipping, and staffing of a second Early Childhood Education Center that will provide access to education, child protection and nutritious meals to 300 more pre-kindergarten children.  The new Center was completed at the end of 2023.  JHA’s two centers now serve more than 600 children.

“2019 was the year I came to find Journey House Actions Rwanda. They taught me how to use a computer … They taught me the English language. They taught me love.” 

Mazimpaka Evode

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