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Workforce Development

Being able to work transforms lives. Journey House Actions Rwanda (JHA) develops and implements programs to supplement and improve upon the work development opportunities provided by the Rwandan government.

JHA transforms lives with its Transforming-Healthy-Reliable-Inspiring-Valued-Employable (THRIVE) workforce development program (modelled after the THRIVE program at Journey House in Milwaukee). The program includes:

Youth Empowerment Seminars (YES) that equip youth with employable skills, contributing to Rwanda’s long-term sustainable economic development.

Entrepreneurship skill development, customer service training, financial skills, professionalism, and technology.

Basket Weaving Cooperative Cultivates Community Futures

The weaver’s cooperative, COVAGA, (French for Cooperative des Vanniers Gashora), was created in 2006 and specializes in weaving arts and craft items, which are very much embedded within the Rwandan culture. The cooperative comprises 64 weavers located in Gashora.

The women are specialists in weaving baskets of the highest quality and their beautiful bowls stand out among others because of the care and time they put into crafting each one. Basket weavers receive a living wage which helps them buy nutritious foods, purchase health insurance and pay for school fees. Each basket purchase helps weavers achieve their goals and dreams of a brighter future.

With the support of JHA, the cooperative has gained a reputation in the region as an active social change agent.

COVAGA supports local community development, including poverty reduction, economic development, environmental care, education and nutrition, and reconciliation. However, the cooperative lacks the tools, financial resources and capacity to fully provide that help.

JHA hopes to create more revenue and guide the cooperative into diversifying its activities, which today comprises manufacturing various arts and craft and decorative items woven from grasses and sisal, or rafia. 

The organization will help COVAGA increase the use of water hyacinth in utility baskets and household items. By harvesting the plant and using the “amarebe” as raw weaving material, COVAGA members will become active agents in long-term sustainable environmental care while improving their economic situation.

“I work in a cooperative called COVAGA. Here we weave baskets and make earrings, hand bands and lots of other items … The baskets we weave help provide health insurance for our kids. We can provide food and clothing for the children and their school fees.” 

Mukagahorana Vestine

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Your donation helps American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda (AFJHAR) spread rays of hope for Rwandans in need. AFJHAR uses financial gifts to fund education, women’s empowerment, workforce development, and health improvement programs. Every donation is a valuable pledge that transforms lives.

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