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Sponsor a Child

$25 a month can change a child's life forever!

You can help create a better future for the most vulnerable children in Gashora by sponsoring a child.  Your support helps to foster long term, sustainable change by providing access to basic necessities such as food and health care and empowering children, their families, and the community to break the cycle of generational poverty. Children who don’t have the opportunity to attend school are at higher risk for a future of increased gender-based violence, unplanned pregnancy, trafficking, child marriage, and unemployment.

Both JHA preschools are open 365 days a year, providing care and food daily as many children do not eat on days when they are not in school, thus never breaking the cycle of malnutrition.

For only $25/month, you can give a child the gift of an education, nourishment, and other necessities.  If you are interested, and your circumstance permit, you can make a recurring monthly gift of $25, or a one-time gift of $300, by DONATING HERE.  After you make your first donation, you will receive the name and photo of the child you are supporting. Please include your name, address and email information so we can provide you with the name of the child. We will try to provide updates from Gashora as often as we can!

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Ali Kolb at

Thank you for your support!

One Dream. One Team!

Help American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda

Create Infinite Possibilities!

Your donation helps American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda (AFJHAR) spread rays of hope for Rwandans in need. AFJHAR uses financial gifts to fund education, women’s empowerment, workforce development, and health improvement programs. Every donation is a valuable pledge that transforms lives.