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Agriculture & Nutrition

“Seeds of Love” Farms

Journey House Actions (JHA) owns and operates a dairy farm with 30 cows and calves and one bull. AFJHAR is a major source of funding for the farm. The cows produce more than 200 liters of milk each day for the JHA students, staff, farm workers, volunteers, and guests. Ten percent of the milk is distributed to the elderly in the community.

In early 2022, AFJHAR funded the purchase of over 6 acres of agricultural land next to the JHA dairy farm to grow vegetables such as onions, green peppers, amaranths, tomatoes, and cabbages. The farm feeds over 1,100 beneficiaries and provides numerous jobs, youth leadership opportunities and food and health insurance for its workers.

Food Basket Program

AFJHAR provides grants for JHA to supplement its own farm production with quarterly purchases of rice, corn maize and beans (about $160,000 USD per year) to meet the needs of the community. Food scarcity and rising costs have been a big problem due to COVID and the war in Ukraine.

Kitchen Gardens

JHA staff champions low-input, high-yield organic food production at small scales. By helping families build and use small spaces near their homes for gardens, JHA makes it easier to mulch, apply organic fertilizer, irrigate, prune, manage pests, and harvest. JHA has built more than 50 “kitchen gardens” to date.

Eventually, JHA hopes to incorporate permaculture techniques for enhanced food production, climate change mitigation, and ecological restoration.

Early Childhood Nutrition Support and Education

JHA supports the nutritional needs and continuing education of the youngest in the community.

Children enrolled in JHA’s “Journey of Success” Early Childhood Development Center receive at least two nutritious meals a day, including milk, vegetables & grains. 

In addition, each afternoon JHA feeds several hundred community children not enrolled in the JHA Center.  For most, it is their only meal of the day.

Help American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda

Create Infinite Possibilities!

Your donation helps American Friends of Journey House Actions Rwanda (AFJHAR) spread rays of hope for Rwandans in need. AFJHAR uses financial gifts to fund education, women’s empowerment, workforce development, and health improvement programs. Every donation is a valuable pledge that transforms lives.

100% of designated donations directly support programs in Rwanda!