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Agriculture & Nutrition

Journey House Actions Rwanda (JHA) meets immediate food supply needs while positioning Rwandan communities to meet future food supply needs. JHA addresses pressing food challenges through a four-prong approach that includes: emergency response, community gardens, early nutrition and support, and a food bank.

Emergency Response

JHA mobilizes volunteers and funding to deliver food directly to families and finances the sanitary equipment needed to fight COVID-19. JHA partners with the Rwandan government to maintain food supply chains and meet the immediate food needs of vulnerable people, to avoid the irreversible effects of a food crisis.

Gashora is facing an especially difficult time, but the JHA nutrition program sends livelihood support to all households in the village. 

Community Gardens

JHA staff champions low-input, high-yield organic food production at small scales. By helping families use small spaces near their homes for gardens, JHA makes it easier to mulch, apply organic fertilizer, irrigate, prune, manage pests, and harvest.

Eventually, JHA hopes to incorporate permaculture techniques for enhanced food production, climate change mitigation, and ecological restoration.

Early Childhood Nutrition Support and Education

JHA supports the nutritional needs and continuing education of the youngest in the community. Children enrolled in early childhood education programs receive two nutritious meals a day, including milk and eggs.

Community Food Bank

JHA youth volunteers raise chickens and distribute cooked eggs to community children. The funds they raise help purchase other food items. The effort also equips young leaders with skills that help develop sustainable solutions. 

JHA will produce over 40,000 eggs for its community center and for all the children at the Norman & Marlyn Herrle Early Childhood Development Center.

“Abdoul asked JHA to give him some of the land JHA had purchased. He wants to feed 500 families! With some friends, he has already started clearing the land. He has asked for support to accomplish his goal by making funds available to purchase a water pump, some basic tools and a variety of seeds.”


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