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Child Protection

Every child has a right to play, develop, and be heard. Journey House Actions’ (JHA’s) Child Protection Program strives to reduce child abuse in the community and protect the safety of Rwandan children. JHA efforts include:

  • “Seeds of Love” homes for boys and girls experiencing homelessness,
  • Advocacy for child protection,
  • Village dialogue sessions that educate community members about the negative consequences for children when parents separate,
  • Educational programs to reduce child abuse and child labor, and
  • Implementing better agricultural methods to ensure food security and better food nutrient intake to fight childhood malnutrition.

“Seeds of Love” Homes

In 2023, AFJHAR funded two homes that will house more than 72 girls and boys who were experiencing homelessness on the streets of Gashora. Many of these young children were abandoned by their parents for various reasons and left to fend for themselves on the streets, often sleeping in boxes. Many of the children went two or three days without eating and were exposed to violence and abuse. The JHA “Seeds of Love” homes provide a safe haven to these young children who are then enrolled in school and / or in one of JHA’s workforce development programs.

The children are deeply grateful to sleep on a bed and have food to eat. The homes create a real sense of “family” for these children. The children are provided with clothing and given responsibilities for maintaining their homes and appearances.

“My parents were very poor and unable to support me … As a result, I ended up homeless … a gentleman named, Papy … introduced me to Journey House Actions. Journey House Actions taught me how to work hard. Because of love, Journey House saved me from the streets.”

Mbarushimana Justine

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